Coated-Cable Wireline Technology

The Layered Difference

Coated cable is a crucial element of the X10TM Wireline Solution. What makes coated-cable wireline better than traditional is all in the name. With more coated layers and greaseless deployment, our superior wireline is better protected and optimized for efficiency. This means more runs per day, less non-productive time, and a better bottom line for operators.

Multi-layered coated cable is the future of the wireline industry. Compared to traditional wireline, coated cable maintains operational excellence while limiting potential HSE risk to manpower.


Protected by adaptive and durable outer layers, electrical signals pass from tool to power source unimpeded.


This layer keeps the wire conductor free of moisture and dirt.

Twice the Armor

As the armor of coated wireline, these dual layers provide high tensile strength that adapts to high pressure levels without losing overall power.

Polymer Jacket

A minimal amount of light oil keeps the line lubricated while maintaining a tight seal up to 10K pascals of pressure.

  • Compatible with any tractor setup
  • Resists peeling
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons, H2S, HCl, CO2, and more
  • Speedier rig-in rig-out process without torque issues
  • Eliminates bird caging, high strand, and loose armor
Wireline Technology
About Our Fleet

Our coated-cable truck fleet is state-of-the-art, equipped with the latest technologies that can meet and exceed industry demand. Each truck is equipped for real-time measurement and recording to accurately monitor operations, collect data, and provide insightful analysis before, during, and after the job.

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