The X10TM
Wireline Solution

Our best-in-class service combines the best wireline technology with proven industry experience.

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The X10 Wireline Solutuon

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Lateral wells demand wireline catered to their unique needs and construction. The X10TM Wireline Solution takes plug and perf operations to the next level in ways that are cost efficient, reliable, and result in more runs per day.

Increases Productivity


Reduces NPT

Reduces NPT

Improves Your Bottom Line

Improves your
bottom line

Latest Technology

For the X10TM solution, Reach Wireline uses only superior multi-layer coated cable alongside state-of-the art technology and proven methodology to deliver the results the oil and gas industry demands.

No Gease

No Grease
Avoid costly clean-ups with greaseless delivery that keeps wellsites clean and within environmental regulations.

Less Friction

Less Friction
Direct more power where it matters with increased efficiency while lowering the likelihood of equipment malfunctions.

Less Equipment

Less Equipment
A greaseless process requires less machinery and manpower compared to traditional wireline, letting us complete runs in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.

Less Non-Productive Time

Less Non-Productive Time
With less wasted time due to error or malfunction, wellsite operations stay on schedule and on budget.

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Latest Technology

Better Processes

We know wireline better than anyone else in the industry.

We have refined our methods to an exact science. Utilizing the right equipment for pre-job analysis, efficient runs, and post-job performance analytics, we can overcome almost any obstacle while proving ROI for operators with collected data.

Features & Benefits
  • Proprietary formulas that accurately identify and reduce friction and tension downhole
  • 360-degree video recording from our coated cable trucks
  • Integrated communication and operating systems with remote systems access
  • Less potential HSE risk to manpower, keeping site personnel outside the hot zone

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Better Processes

Unmatched Expertise

Our leadership and field crews have more combined industry experience than any other wireline operator in the U.S. Our approach positions every employee for successful on-site expectations. Each technician receives thorough training and evaluation in order to maintain high performance and stay apprised of the latest industry standards.

Simply put: there’s no obstacle that our team can’t overcome.

To date, we achieve:

completed stages annually


guns fired annually

3.5 Mile lateral / 28,650 TMD

(with the capacity for more)

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Unmatched Expertise
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